Our Warranties

    To all our cars we give the following warranties:
  • For rust 15 years
  • Exterior color 2 years
  • Mechanical parts 2 years (apart from engines & gearboxes)
  • Leather interior 3 years
  • Rebuilt engines up to 1915cc 1 year
  • New engines up to 1915cc 2 years
  • Engines above 1915cc 1 year
  • Rebuilt gearbox 1 year
  • Fiberglass body a life time
  • NOTE: For all parts on our cars, including engine and gearbox parts, we give a 2 year warranty. This warranty does not include cost for delivering the part and labor cost to replace it.
    We would like to inform you that we are not affiliated in any way with Porsche and Volkswagen. These names are "patented" and have no relation with REPLICAR HELLAS and their badges are not placed on our cars.